‘Bright Star’ cashes in with Buddy Awards


Olathe Civic Theatre Association (OCTA) celebrated the 2020 Buddy Awards with a live virtual event to announce outstanding performance and production awards from the shortened season.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, only three of the five slated shows completed their runs. Competitors derived from “Bright Star,” “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” Postponed until next season, “The God Committee,” and “Big Fish” await their turn on the boards next season.

To no surprise, the musical, “Bright Star” captured the most attention, nominations, and winners in The 2020 Buddy Awards. The awards are named for screen legend Buddy Rodgers, originally from Olathe, KS, and a founder of the theatre group.

Interruption the tidal wave of winners, Michael Juncker claimed the sole win for “The Merry Wives of Windsor” with his larger-than-life performance as Falstaff in the Shakespearean comedy. Other than his win, “Bright Star” swept the other 15 award categories.

The Buddy Award Nominees and winners are:

Leading Actor
Nathan Bills as Billy Cane – Bright Star
Austin Stang as Jimmy Ray Dobbs – Bright Star
Scott Shaw as Ford – Merry Wives of Windsor
*Michael Juncker as Falstaff – Merry Wives of Windsor
Leading Actress
*Ashton Botts as Alice Murphy – Bright Star
Venus Leung as Eleanor – Haunting of Hill House
Tracy Fox as Mistress Ford – Merry Wives of Windsor
Ellie DeShon as Mistress Page – Merry Wives of Windsor
Supporting Actor
*Reed Uthe as Mayor Josiah Dobbs – Bright Star
Jefferson Harwood as Luke – Haunting of Hill House
David Nickol as Dr. Montague – Haunting of Hill House
Ken Schmidt as Page – Merry Wives of Windsor
Aaron Roose as Hugh Evans – Merry Wives of Windsor
Richard J Burt as Dr. Caius – Merry Wives of Windsor
Supporting Actress
*Willa Walberg as Margo Crawford – Bright Star
Charlotte Gilman as Theodora – Haunting of Hill House
Sally Schmucker as Mrs. Montague – Haunting of Hill House
Charlotte Gilman as Slender – Merry Wives of Windsor
Meghann Deveroux Mistress as Quickly – Merry Wives of Windsor
Featured Actor
Tyler Hileman as Darryl Ames – Bright Star
Charles Christesson Jr as Daddy Murphy – Bright Star
*Matt Walberg as Daddy Cane – Bright Star
John Grow as Arthur – Haunting of Hill House
Quinn North as Pistol/Jack Rugby/John – Merry Wives of Windsor
Austin Cable as Fenton – Merry Wives of Windsor
Charles Christesson Jr as Shallow – Merry Wives of Windsor
Featured Actress
Patty Whitlock as Lucy Grant – Bright Star
*Peggy Mall as Mama Murphy – Bright Star
Victoria Hoffman as Mrs. Dudley – Haunting of Hill House
Darcy Russel as Ann Page – Merry Wives of Windsor
Chelsea Pyle as Simple – Merry Wives of Windsor
Jo Bledsoe Collins as Host of the Garter Inn – Merry Wives of Windsor
Jessica Franz Martin as Nym/Sylvia – Merry Wives of Windsor
Valerie Knott as Government Clerk – Bright Star
Kelli Mattison as Well Dressed Woman – Bright Star
Sharon Johnson as Florence – Bright Star
Jonathan Arnold as Stanford – Bright Star
Cassandra Pettigrew as Edna – Bright Star
Andrew Ramaley a Dr. Norquist – Bright Star
*Christopher Morgan as Max – Bright Star
Costume Design
*Heather Stewart – Bright Star
Meaghan Deveroux – Haunting of Hill House
Alison Nickel – Merry Wives of Windsor
Lighting Design
*Philip Leonard – Bright Star
Chuck Cline – Haunting of Hill House
Chuck Cline – Merry Wives of Windsor
Musical Achievement
Carolyn Braverman – Choreography/Bright Star
*Ashley Jones – Music Direction/Bright Star
Properties Design
*Alisha Morris – Bright Star
Kayle Flory – Haunting of Hill House
Valerie Martin – Merry Wives of Windsor
Set Design
*Ken Schmidt – Bright Star
Richard J Burt – Haunting of Hill House
Kate Sanders – Merry Wives of Windsor
Sound Design
*Josh Finch – Bright Star
Michael Bunn – Haunting of Hill House
David Martin – Merry Wives of Windsor
Stage Management
*Matt Pollock – Bright Star
D. K. Evenson – Haunting of Hill House
DK Evenson – Merry Wives of Windsor
*Julie Ewing – Bright Star
Derrick Freeman – Haunting of Hill House
David Martin – Merry Wives of Windsor
Overall Production
*Bright Star
Haunting of Hill House
Merry Wives of Windsor

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