‘Bill Clinton Hercules’ begins Canadian tour

08a23fbc-3aa2-463f-91db-ac8035ddbe18Bob Evans | KC Applauds

Bob Paisley is performing Bill Clinton Hercules in Toronto, Summerside and St. John

As we run headlong to the 2016 election, Bill Clinton has a few things to say about the state of the world.  He learned a lesson or two in his life and faced his share of challenges during his time as President.  Now Hillary is on the verge of becoming the most powerful leader in the world.  
With Seamus Heaney’s Greek inspired play The Cure At Troyat it’s heart, Bill Clinton Hercules takes a candid look at the life of the 42nd President as he cuts loose and shoots straight from the hip in his own fantasy Ted-Talk.
From the Trojan Wars to the future of Democracy, his dreams, regrets, hopes and passions, Occupy, Hillary and Monica… A life epic in its own right. But what does the future hold for the possible “First Gentleman” as Hillary runs for the White House?

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