Annie-Mae Allure presents new show

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Annie-Mae Allure

The region’s top performers compete for titles and a cash prize!


From 8pm to 11pm

Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club
3402 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64111
Annie-Mae Allure is proud to present the 2019 Missouri Regional Burlypicks Join the regions best performers as they compete for the gold on April 20, 2019! Burlesque, magic, comedy, singing and more – there is something for everyone (21 and over…sorry kiddos)

DOORS: 8pm. SHOW: 9pm

Red Seating: $30 in adv/$35 at the door
Orange Seating: $25 in adv/$30 at the door
Blue Seating: $20 in adv/$25 at the door
Green Seating: $15 in adv/$20 at the door
Bar Seating/Standing Room: $10 in adv/$15 at the door
Live Stream from Home: $7.50
Anastacia Vulgar (Best Overall, Master of Tassels, Master of Assels)
Anya Neeze (Best Overall)
Basic Boy (Best Overall, Master of Comedy, Master of LipSync, Master of Improv, Master of Tassels, Master of Assels, Master of Improv)
Coquette Noir (Master of Improv, Master of Assels)
Dizzy Tunt (Best Overall, Master of Comedy, Master of Tassels)
Doutelle (Best Overall)
Felix Felicis (Best Overall, Master of Assels)
Itiadoshin (Best Overall, Master of Amazement)
Korso 365 (Best Overall, Master of Comedy, Master of Amazement)
Lola Delago (Best Overall, Master of Singing)
LolliePop (Best Overall, Master of Improv )
Stella Blue (Best Overall, Master of Singing, Master of Improv)
Sugar Rush (Best Overall, Master of Lipsync)
Mayo Lua de Frenchie
Veronica Voss
Ben Auxier
About The Burlypicks
Talent is the driving force behind our yearly competition. We feature performers from multiple disciplines, locations, and experience levels, to compete at both the regional level and World Championship level. We believe that an art form is defined not by an organization or business, but by the performers who embrace the art and contribute to their field. Therefore, unlike other burlesque competitions that categorize and separate levels of experience or styles, we gather a variety of performers, with different types of experience and put them all up for the Best Overall act for the night, while allowing special nods to stand-out talents with the superlative titles
The Burlypicks has no intention of defining burlesque, but we allow the community to decide what kind of acts they want to bring. Open to endless variety and encouraging Stripteasers, Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Aerialists, Jugglers, Clowns, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Sideshow acts, Drag acts, and more. . . to complete for the gold! The acts are judged in a manner that does not favor any one type of talent, acts for the Best Overall act of the night are judged on 5 disciplines: Talent, Poise, Polish, Costume, and Creativity.

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