America’s favorite creepy, kooky family, the Addams Family, visits Leavenworth for Halloween


You know the song, so snap along… da da da dum (snap snap); da da da dum (snap snap); da da da dum, da da dum da da da dum (snap snap)..“They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky; they’re all together ooky, The Addams Family…”

Ah, yes, just in time for some Halloween celebration, America’s favorite dysfunctional, ghoulish family visits the Hollywood Theatre in Leavenworth, Kansas to perform for large audiences with “The Addams Family–The Musical.” All the favorite characters from the 1960s TV show are there–Lurch, Gomez, Morticia, cousin ITT, Thing, Grandmama, Pugsley and Wednesday. But, now, the two children have grown up Pugsley and Wednesday has met a young man and wants to get married. The problem is she wants her parents’ approval to marry a “normal” man. So, she invites him and his family to a quaint family dinner.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, this is The Addams Family, and they do differ a bit from the norm. But all is well, right? Well, not exactly. Gomez does not like the idea. Morticia frowns on the idea. Pugsley is jealous and fearful of losing his sister. Uncle Fester unveils his new love, and Grandmama’s potions and specialty herbal creations could jeopardize the nuptials. It’s all fun and games…yes, games–especially “Full Disclosure” where intimate and innermost thoughts and desires spring fourth.

For “ The Addams Family” director Nino Casisi selected a score of wonderful voices for this production. Daniel Kooser as Gomez possesses a beautiful voice and plays his part with dashing flourishes reminiscent of John Astin’s original Gomez. Ashley Botts as Wednesday displays her vocal prowess in several numbers. Mackenzie Cross also belts her numbers with authority. In Act II, Rebeckah Ankrom displays her strong, clear soprano voice. The strongest performers in the show are Kooser, Botts, and Michael Junker as Uncle Fester. In the musical, Uncle Fester takes on a larger part than in the original series. As such he creates a nice comedy part in the show. He steals Act II with his song to the moon.

All characters are good and strong characters and Casisi melds them into a tight performance that lights up the audience. No one character is unimportant. They all work well as an ensemble. The show is fun for all ages and a guaranteed hit.

Daniel Kooser as Gomez; Mackezie Cross as Morticia; Michael Juncker as Uncle Fester; Mona Discavage as Grandmama; Aston Botts as Wednesday; Brian Lee as Pugsley; Shawn Beuchat as Lurch; Paul Hudalla as Mal Beineke; Rebecah Ankrom, Alice Beineke; Lane Dickinson, as Lucas Beineke; Toni Hudalla as Cusin ITT. Members of the ensemble are: Sara Barber, Maggie Bell, Gary Linhart, Brian Resch, Rachel Szmed, Kimberly Wood, Lexi Wood. Along with the cast is the production crew headed by director Nino Casisi. Joining him are: Anthony J. Gassbarre III, Michelle Allen McIntire, Anna Leigh Nissen.

Time is running out to see “The Addams Family” so go to the Hollywood Theatre to secure your seats.


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