2019 KC Fringe:Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome

 Press Release posted by Bob Evans
Transgender Performance Artist Confronts Mainstream Media Anxieties
in Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome

Later this month, the Kansas City Fringe Festival will present Columbus, Ohio-based transgender performance artist Nicolas Shannon Savard’s one-person show, Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome.

The hour-long performance explores a variety of aspects of what it means to be transgender in America in 2019. Making a critical intervention into popular news media narratives about transgender lives (and the LGBTQ community at large) which cast them as deviant, dangerous, burdensome, and tragic, Savard pokes fun at the powers that be and finds a radical joy in disrupting heteronormative traditions and rites of passage. It’s part militaristic recruitment meeting, part puppet show, part physical theatre, part confessional, and part stand-up comedy. Much like the transgender community, the show doesn’t fit neatly into one box. The storytelling is at once hilarious and heart-wrenching and has been described by past audience members as “the softest sucker punch.” It’s at once a celebration of community and identity and a battle cry. In a culture where transgender lives are routinely made invisible, this is at once one twenty-something genderqueer person’s story and the story of so many others.

Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome runs July 20-27 at Kansas City’s Loretto Chapel, 1111 West 39th Street. Tickets are available for $10 at the door (plus $5 for the Fringe Festival pass button) or online at https://kc-fringe.ticketleap.com/five-and-a-half-feet-of-fearsome.

Schedule of performances:

Saturday, July 20, 6:30 pm

Sunday, July 21, 3:30 pm

Tuesday, July 23, 8:00 pm

Friday, July 26, 6:30 pm

Saturday, July 27, 5:00 pm

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