2019 KC Fringe: You are NOT OK

Joshua Woodall

You sit down at your family table while your Mother and Father wait expectantly. Am I in trouble? Are they in trouble? Is it bad news? Is it good news? Thoughts fill your head as you begin to prepare for the worst possible outcome. A situation many of us, especially as teenagers, have gone through. For The Boy, the situation seems pretty dire. His parents want to talk to him about his homeschool work. The Boy knows that it is so much worse than that. In You Are (Not) Okay, over the course of an hour The Boy dips and dives through different realities, trying to avoid the conversation waiting for him at that table, where he knows he will have to be honest with his parents about his feelings. The Boy meets The Girl and The Other, who are there to either help him, or hurt him, as they both push him towards the truth. In this dark comedy, The Boy goes on a journey of self discovery, inspired by true events, that hopefully will end with a tough conversation with his parents where he can be honest, for the first time in a long time. Will The Boy give in to the loneliness of his life, or will he rise to the occasion, and take the big leap towards getting better?

You Are (Not) Okay was first produced in March of 2018, and the playwright has been hard at work revising it for this years Fringe Festival. Peter Morgan reprises his role of The Boy, along with a stellar cast of new and returning actors. Jon Rizzo returns as The Father/The Pastor, as well as Chelsea Leaver reprising her role as The Girl. New to the show are Sara Marie-Nichol Wilson as The Mother/The Teacher and Korrie Murphy as The Other.
You Are (Not) Okay written by Joshua Woodall and directed by Malcolm Gibbs performs at The Arts Asylum at 1000 e. 9th St. Kansas City, MO 64106 for the 2019 Fringe Festival. This dark comedy opens July 20th at 6:30 PM, and continues its run on July 21st at 5:00 PM, July 22nd at 8:00 PM, July 26th at 8:00 PM, and July 27th at 3:30 PM. Tickets and more information available at www.subjecttochangetheatre.com and www.kcfringe.org/you-are-not-okay/

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