2019 KC Fringe: Iron Artists at Fringe


Press Release posted by Bob Evans

Kansas City Creates Holds Iron Artist Competition

Kansas City Fringe Festival Brings Excitement to the Visual Art World with Innovative Contest

The Kansas City Fringe Festival, a festival celebrating the avante garde of Kansas City art in all of its forms, is proud to bring you our Iron Artist competition. This exciting contest invites the audience to participate directly with the Visual Arts. Here is how it works:

1. 13 contestants have an hour to create an original masterwork before an audience. 2. The contestants have to use the provided box of art supplies and nothing else, except their creativity of course! 3. The artists all have to include a mystery ingredient which will be announced at the beginning of the contest.

4. The audience is invited by our emcee, Tom Kessler, to purchase tickets. They will place their tickets in their favorite artist’s cup to vote. 5. Whoever has the most tickets at the end of an hour wins our Iron Artist trophy and is the 2019 Iron Artist.

Our 2-year returning champion, Vania Soto, is excited to take on another group of artists at this exciting event taking place on Sunday, July 21 at 2:30pm in the Union Station Post Office Hall across from the Kansas City Fringe Festival’s Visual Art Show.

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