2019 KC Fringe: Hanging by the End of the Leash


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Charlie Mike

A new theatre dedicated to engaging the community with active duty military, military veterans, police, fire, and EMS through theatrical production, education, and outreach began May 1st, 2018. With an original production that opened July 20th, 2018 for the 14th annual KC Fringe Festival, written by a local veteran its debut performance engage the community in a dialogue about civil rights and veterans. This year’s installment for the KC Fringe Festival is a comedy about life with a service dog.

Charlie Mike Theatre Company is unique in its approach of being a theatre specifically dedicated to hiring performers with a military or first responder connection. The first of its kind being founded by a female military veteran, it hopes to connect the community to those who serve it through the medium of theatre.

“Hanging by the End of the Leash” is a One-Act play based on true events- written and co-directed by Amanda S. Cherry an Iowa Army National Guard veteran and former EMT/Firefighter. The play is made up of comedic monologues interspersed with scenes based on true life experiences of the playwright and her service dog Buster Brown, who stars in the show. Buster Brown’s co-stars include some incredibly talented human actors all of who have served, are serving, or are family members of military and first responders.  “Hanging on by the End of the Leash” uses adult humor to shed a little light on the reality and levity of being a service dog team. It strives to answer the most commonly asked question–What is it like to have a service dog? The answers and the information you gain may surprise you!

Performance Dates and Times:

July 19; 6:30pm, July 20; 9:30pm, July 21st; 6:30pm, July 24th; 6:30pm and July 27th; 2pm

For more information on tickets please contact KC Fringe Festival www.kcfringe.org


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