2019 KC Fringe: Enlightenment Through Self-Expression


Press Release posted by Bob Evans

Kansas City Artist Finds Enlightenment Through Self-Expression

Alexej Savreux

Kansas City artist Alexej Savreux announces his participation in the 15th Annual Kansas City Fringe Festival in the visual arts section at Union Station this year from July 14th – 29th.

Savreux’s theme this year will focus on the artistic and cultural aspects of Zen Buddhism, but with a twist. He is not giving away the twist but will say only that the art is inspired by the suicide epidemic that is haunting the country and the search for peace of mind. Savreux used to attend Dzogchen College– at Unity Temple and these visits informed some of the inspiration for his art.

According to Savreux, “The only thing that really matters to me in my life’s work is to demonstrate that there is always meaning in the meaningless and always beauty in the ugly, and ultimately that there is only beauty. For as much as I love art, everything I do or will do is just a means of pointing out that there is no such thing as ugliness.” 

Savreux is a mixed media artist and derives his art from unlikely sources such as cardboard, photo manipulation, mathematics, academic references, graphics, and abstract painting methods. He is particularly fond of larger canvases, verbal artwork, experimental and unorthodox techniques and using multiple mediums on each piece.

Born in Vermont in 1989, Savreux moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2008. He has attended various colleges and is a graduate of Ottawa University. He has studied many subjects which inform his work—everything from photography to linguistics to sociology to media communications. His blend of method art and concept art will be available for viewing and sale at the Fringe Festival.

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