2017 FRINGE: ‘The Respectful Prostitute’


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She&Her Productions is thrilled to announce our very first Fringe show!

The Respectful Prostitute will be directed by James Weber and is showing at the 2017 KC Fringe Festival on July 22nd, 25th, 27th, and 29th at the Unicorn Theatre’s Jerome stage. This social commentary about corrupt politics, homosexual oppression, the power of white privilege, and the criminalization of black men was written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1946 and blatantly addresses the suffocating racial tension, gender bias, sexual oppression, and stereotyping of the era.

She&Her Productions’ adaptation takes place in a present-day setting, but only had to be lightly altered for modernity, because these seemingly-antiquated circumstances are still entirely relevant – which makes you wonder why, over 7 decades later, we continue lamenting about the things we haven’t changed, but could.

“Do you suppose that a whole town could be mistaken?”

The first character we see is THE PROSTITUTE, who has just moved to Montgomery, Alabama. She’s found a new client and things are looking up… until THE NEGRO starts banging on her door. He’s being chased by an angry mob and is wanted by law enforcement for the crime of a white man, a crime she bore witness to – and, though she wants to be a good person, she refuses help him. Would you let him in, or would you turn the other way?

“Please, ma’am, please. Please tell them that I didn’t do anything.”

So many of us publicly voice our hatred of prejudice and bigotry, yet when our ‘racist friend’ says something awful, we awkwardly laugh or shrug it off to avoid conflict. If we aren’t strong enough to stand up and say something, does that make us racist, too? An accessory to murder can still go to jail even though they didn’t kill anybody… does that make them a murderer, too? After all is said and done, we hope that no one will leave this show without having taken some moments of self-reflection.

The production features local Kansas City actors Jennifer Coville, Cori Anne Weber, Stevie Haynes, and Peter Leondedis, and will incorporate multimedia projections to help convey its message of introspection and social accountability. The play contains sensitive-yet-necessary content that many will find disturbing and is not appropriate for young audiences. Catch it at the Unicorn Theatre’s Jerome Stage on Saturday, July 22nd @ 6:30pm, Tuesday, July 25th @8:00pm, Thursday, July 27th @ 9:30pm, or Saturday, July 29th @ 8:00pm. Tickets are $10 in addition to the one-time purchase of the $5 Fringe Festival admission button. Visit www.rpfringekc.wordpress.com for more information, and follow the hype with the #rpfringekc tag on Facebook.

She&Her Productions is dedicated to the creation of quality and diverse theatrical performance art. Our goal is to entertain and educate in a unique and accepting environment which embraces and encourages diversity in our community, thus enriching the culture. Most recent productions include Into the Woods, Jekyll & Hyde, Next to Normal, Romeo & Juliet, A Feminine Ending, and Ordinary Days, all of which took place at the Just Off Broadway Theatre. More info at www.sheandherproductions.com.

Show Rating: R

Production Photos and Promotional Video:

Cast and Crew

Jennifer Coville
Cori Anne Weber
Peter Leondedis
Stevie Haynes
Andy Portwood
Matthew Thompson

Producer: Tiffany Coville-Schweigert
Director: James Weber
Stage Manager: Nicole Brewer
Scene Design: Doug Schroeder
Props: Melissa Loper
Costumes: Kimberly Thompson
Photos: James Weber
Graphic/Web/Media Design: Cori Anne Weber
Marketing/Press Coordinator: Cori Anne Weber
Script Adaptation: Cori Anne Weber, James Weber, Lewis Morrow

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